To conclude my blog and relate back to the theme, we know the customer is not always right. But in order to exemplify great customer service, most business will stay away from ever telling a customer “no”, or blaming the customer for an issue. 

Being a customer, we can act professionally as well to get the results we want. For example, I work at the Subway by Target which has a drive through. Most of our complaints come from our drive through customers. It is almost as if we have to know exactly what they want without meeting the person. I had a customer tell me they want “a lot of extra dressing”. Two minutes later, this person came inside and demanded to know who made their sandwich. She came inside and yelled at me because I drenched her sandwich in mayo. I only thought I was giving her what she asked. As customers we have to be specific. Business to customer relationships are not those in which we know each other well. Sandwich makers at Subway can not be expected to know what “alot of extra dressing” means so we dress the sandwich in our terms of quantity.

I urge you guys when on the customer side of an interaction, be specific. And in this instance,  when a customer wants their sandwich made specifically to their standards, they should come inside. Coming inside the restaurant to make your order may take an extra minute, but it eliminates error because you are watching us make your sandwich. Be careful to what you ask for, because sometimes, it is the customers fault. 😉