Last week my car was due for an oil change. I found a coupon for AutoLab and decided to take my car there.

When I arrived to AutoLab the waiting area was clean and organized which made me feel that I could trust who was about to work on my car. I will never again use the outside appearance of an auto garage to judge the quality of their work. 

I waited the standard twenty minutes or so to have my oil changed. While the mechanics were completing the oil change, I also asked them to rotate my tires; big mistake. 

When leaving AutoLab, my car was not driving well. I heard a loud sound coming from the driver side tire area. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the middle of mission st. with no driver side tire. Whoever rotated my tires did not fasten the lug-nuts well enough and my wheel fell off. This caused frame damage to my car and it was not drivable. I immediately called AutoLab complaining I needed a tow track because my car fell apart as soon as I left their parking lot. 

I was displeased with the way AutoLab took care of the issue. I was not rude and pushy and I felt like if I had been maybe they would have taken the situation more seriously. Everyone should be treated equally. Yes, they have agreed to fix my car free of charge through Jim’s Body Shop, but the way they handled the situation was not right. No one ever owned up to the mistake they only apologized for my inconvenience.

After reading the chapter in our book about handling negative messages, I believe it is the customers right to  know what happened. Apologies are genuine ways to show someone that you are sorry for the mistake and it would have made a difference. Of course I appreciate that they fixed my car, but I was disappointed when they told me they could not loan me a car to use. This made me feel like they were not genuinely sorry. I believe it is their responsibility to give me a car to drive while they fix mine. If they are truly sorry for the inconvenience, they would be taking care of it. 

This is another example that proves if you are going to own a business, you need to genuinely care about your customers. Not only are customers the top reason businesses have income, but they rely on places to do honest work. I wish that all businesses in this country held a higher standard of quality and integrity because then problems such as these would never happen.