This post will be different from the others. Over the weekend, I had to deal with issues at home. I live in an apartment with two guys and one other girl. As I analyzed my weekend, I realized the concepts of business ethics can stretch in to our personal lives as well. 

I am not a big drinker; I only drink on special occasions. I have lived with my roommates now for two years and we have never had any issues respecting each other. This weekend was different. I came home from work and the apartment was trashed and no one was home. I assumed they had gone to the bar. After work I like to relax and maybe watch t.v. This particular Saturday night I had gotten off work early and was excited to be able to relax at home. The fact that the apartment was trashed made it impossible. 

I expect at least a text or a phone call letting me know what I am walking in to.  A text such as, ” Hey we left the apartment a mess but we will clean it tomorrow”…would have sufficed. But, the apartment is still a mess and it is now Monday. 

When I approached my roommates about it they said they would clean up their mess Sunday, but again the apartment is still gross. Usually I would start the cleaning process myself, but not this time. Sometimes it can be disappointing, but actions like these help identify people. If they respected me, it would have been clean by now. It is important that no matter what aspect of life we apply this to, we respect everyone and think about others than just ourselves, especially in a shared living environment.