It can be a daily struggle to always do the right thing. In the business world, it is more than important to lead by example, especially if you are in a management position. Recently at the hotel I work at, I was offered a promotion to be the front desk supervisor. I have had the last few days to think about how I need to act differently around my co-workers. 

I have always felt that I was a good worker, but when I began analyzing my every action at work, I realized I have a lot of room for improvement. At work, I had a bad habit of cussing when guests were not around. I would swear while having conversations in the back with other employees when it was not necessary. I don’t believe that swearing necessarily makes you a bad person, but it is unprofessional. When a manager swears in front of her co-workers I think it sends a bad message. I am now making improvements not to swear around any other employees. I think cutting out this small habit will help my employees take me more seriously and also have a higher level of respect for me.

I want everyone at work to feel as though we are all equal and we deserve the same amount of respect. But, I think it is especially important for supervisors and managers to lead by example so that actions such as swearing can be cut out permanently from the workplace. This is important too so that no mistake would be made in front of a guest. When we spend our money at a business, such as a hotel, we deserve a professional atmosphere.