I love my job. I do not love the company I work for. This makes it hard to go to work some days. Does anyone else experience this where they work? What can we do to change the things about our work place that we do not like? We have more power at work than some may believe. 

What I have learned in the last few months at work is that it is important to use the chain of command to get things done. It is also important to communicate to your co-workers what you are trying to have changed. For example, I went to the general manager of the hotel and made her aware that the front desk agents had too many duties during their shift. More specifically, the hotel wanted the front desk agents to be able to keep the lobby clean and do laundry during their shift. These two duties are nearly impossible when the phone lines are busy with reservations or in house guest requests. It is our job to put the guest first. 

When I went to the general manager, she told me it was not in the budget to hire another person to perform these duties. I made the suggestion of giving more hours to a housekeeper we already had on staff. These duties would be easy for a housekeeper to add in to their daily routine. She denied my suggestion due to the budget. 

A few weeks went by and I was becoming more frustrated at the front desk. I realized I was not providing the best customer service due to having to be in the back while folding laundry and cleaning the lobby every hour. I was not satisfied with my general managers answer so I contacted the Vice President of Operations. I sent him an email with my request and suggestion. Not a week later, the schedule was maneuvered to help the front desk in these areas. 

The general manager was frustrated that I did this, but now she and I are on good terms. I’ve learned that when you see fit, you need to take that extra step to do the right thing for the company. I believe it is characteristics like this that separate leaders from followers. Sometimes, we can not always accept the first answer we are given.