The other day at work, I was slammed with telephone calls and guest requests. Everyone needed something. I was doing a good job handling the high call volume and guest requests in a timely manner, but I felt guilty after the UPS deliverer had left. He asked me a question and I responded with, “you too”. I felt stupid. I was so busy that I barely payed attention to him. I just assumed what he had said. It made me think that in the business world, no matter who you are interacting with, everyone deserves the same amount of communication and respect. 

I realized after this, I need to become a better listener. Tuning out distractions is difficult, but as I practice tuning myself in to the person in front of me and nothing else I am building more genuine relationships with people. As corny as it sounds, it reminded me to treat people how you want to be treated. Using this way of thinking will make the workplace a better environment as whole.