A few weeks ago, I was promoted to front desk supervisor at the hotel I work at. When I was given the job, I took on new responsibilities. In addition to these responsibilities, my new manager also wanted me to work on some characteristics of our front desk staff. My first task was to rid the front desk of any “cliquiness”. Cliques are not fun and they make work more difficult for everyone, especially new employees who can not possibly have a well-formed opinion.

As a front desk agent, it is easy to make mistakes. My job requires that I be able to multi-task while still paying attention to detail. I have noticed that my co-workers take advantage of chances they get to exploit peoples’ mistakes. This is unnecessary at work nor is it the responsibility of employees to bad talk others. If you are exploiting someones mistake, I hope you yourself have never made one. I as a supervisor do not even have the right to do this because even I can make mistakes. We all make mistakes but the purpose of our job is to try our best not to by paying attention to detail.

If an employee is making a mistake, I believe constructive criticism is the first step in guiding them towards success. I have decided to sit down with each one of my front desk agents to help them with this problem. I thought the conflict through and decided a meeting would not be efficient or effective in this matter. A meeting could have possibly caused a fight between co-workers. It was not my intention to call one person out because the whole front desk staff seems to have this problem. At each meeting I gave the employees a positive and a negative to their current performance and each employee received the same spiel in accordance to our clique problem. I hope this will cure the negative words we have had talked behind each others back at work.

This was an awkward task my first week as supervisor but I am happy I had the opportunity to sit down with each one of my front desk agents. I learned more about them individually and was able to communicate how I felt about the situation. We are all now on the same page which will allow our team to grow positively!