It has been almost two years since I started working at the Super 8 in Mt. Pleasat. I love my job. I have always loved being in an environment with constant change and new people. I want  to graduate with a Bachelors of Applied Art  in Commercial Recreation and a Minor in Professional Sales. As I read through chapter one of our text book, the material excited me. It may be dry to some, but I striving to effectively communicate at work every day can be a challenge. 

I was just recently promoted to front desk supervisor. This class will be very helpful for me. I want to share with all of you what I go through at work and how we can apply it to what we’re learning. This week my nonverbal skills were put to the test. 

At a hotel, there are numerous things that can go wrong for the guest. The reservation could have been made wrong, we may not have available what the guest was promised(rollaway,crib,etc.), or the worst case scenario, we can’t find their reservation and the hotel is sold out. But, all of these problems can be solved by effective communication skills and listening to the customer. This week on Wednesday night, I had a guest come to the front desk who’s name was not on my arrival list. I became frustrated with the guest quickly because he continued to inform me this was my fault and I had to fix it. The problem was out of my control. The hotel had zero rooms left for sale. The guest told me I had his credit card on file, and I had no form of payment on file for the guest. He argued we stole his credit card information, I was an incompetent employee and a liar. I was clenching my hands to the desk so I wouldn’t blurt out the phrase, “Sir, we really don’t need a person like you in here, you’re ruining my night, please leave”. 

The best advice I can give to all my fellow customer service employees is to smile and keep breathing. Approach conflict one step at a time. The last thing I wanted to do was make the guest feel like it was his fault even though it was. I kept a smile on my face and positive body language to help him feel at ease.